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Welcome to our Pastoral Leadership Degree Programs!

Thank you for your interest in our Pastoral Leadership Degree Programs. Our innovative programs offer an accessible and flexible educational path towards becoming a pastor, pending completion of any final steps needed for ordination in your denomination, through our Master of Divinity Program. 


No relocation is required, which means that you can stay in your community and learn while working in your home church or other local ministry. Learning is highly experiential and outcome-based. You’ll learn through engaging online coursework and by applying what you are learning to your ministry work. Mentors will play an important role in your journey, and you’ll work with a team of faculty, pastoral, and personal mentors.

The unique model of our program makes high-quality learning affordable, and significant scholarships are available. 

Ready to learn more?

Contact me at 508-6CALLED (508-622-5533),, or through our contact form. 





                                                    Beatrice D'Angelo

                                                    Program Manager &


Beatrice BB.jpg

5-Year (BA+MDiv)

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