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Our Master of Divinity Degree

We Bring the Seminary to You!  Seminary is Accessible to All! 


Are you called to be a pastor? Emmanuel Academies is pleased to work with adult learners seeking ordination in the ELCA and other Christian denominations. Our seminary partner, Kairos University,  serves over 45 Christian denominations.  


Our unique and innovative program is an outcomes-oriented, highly experiential, mentor-delivered education model. Most of our students work or volunteer at their church, but we can also work with you to find a ministry that will serve as the contextual base for your learning and growth.  

Kairos University, an ATS accredited seminary, has developed the innovative Kairos Project to facilitate outcome-driven, contextually-based learning. You’ll have a team of mentors: a Pastoral Mentor, a Faculty Mentor and a Personal Mentor. They will guide your growth, ensuring your achievement of the required academic and skills-based outcomes.


Emmanuel Academies administrators, as well as the Sioux Falls Seminary staff, will work closely with you and your Candidacy Committee (if applicable for your denomination and ordination) through the candidacy process and ensure that the expectations of the Candidacy Committee are met.

We also have Full & Partial Scholarships available! The maximum tuition cost for the program is $300 per month, rather than being driven by a per credit pricing model. 

Reach out to us for more information! 

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