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Emmanuel Academies’ mission is to identify and equip leaders for Christian service within diverse communities, providing opportunities for theological and spiritual formation, leadership development, and vocational training.  


Our core values: Innovative, Highly Effective, Accessible, Contextual, Collaborative, and Affordable.


Our vision is to reform theological education to reach everyone.  

Our Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry and 5-Year Pastoral Leadership Degree program were developed to equip tomorrow’s church leaders locally, nationally, and globally through innovative theological education.  We leverage the local congregations and pastors to participate in the seminarian's formation.


Join us as we touch lives and prepare leaders for tomorrow!

Pastoral Leadership Degree Programs

Are you called to pastor? Earn a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Divinity, or Doctorate of Ministry from our nationally recognized, accredited educational partners.  In our innovative program, learning is highly experiential, outcome-based, and mentor-oriented, with no relocation required. It is also significantly less expensive than traditional programs, and significant scholarships are available. Learn more!

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Our Seminary Program Website
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Seminary News

As of the Spring 2023 semester, we have a total of 42 active students including 8 Doctor of Ministry candidates and 32 Master of Divinity candidates. Our students are from three continents and multiple cultures.  

Each are learning and enhancing skills to best serve their communities where they live. 


Visit our YouTube Channel

Watch our education forums and bible study session via video our YouTube channel. Check back each week for the latest video and archived forums.

7/11/2024 The Lectionary Bible Study

7/11/2024 The Lectionary Bible Study

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Continuing Theological Education

Deepen your understanding of the tenets of Christian faith, how they manifest in today’s world, and how they apply to our daily lives. Programming led by nationally-recognized experts focuses on faith, vocation, and economics, and leadership development.

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